Sunday, May 15, 2005


Election Day or Moving Day? Your call BC residents

A group of B.C. business leaders held a news conference in Vancouver, urging voters to re-elect the Gordon Campbell government. There isn't anything new about business or organized labour airing their political preference, however, this appears to go a step further. After insisting they are not trying to scare voters away from the New Democrats, some members of the panel threatened to leave this province if the NDP win Tuesday's election.

Business Council of B.C. President and Chief Executive Officer Jerry Lampert refuses call that fear mongering. "We're not threatening everyone. If you share our view that the economy is important, and you share our view that for the economy to continue to thrive, we have to see this government re-elected, then we want you to go out and vote on May 17.

When asked if they have ever voted NDP, none of the 17 panelists raised their hands.

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