Tuesday, May 17, 2005


BeLIBERAL Stronach

Paul Martin welcomed Belinda Stronach into the Liberal Party this morning. Stronach is a social liberal who has not always felt comfortable within the Conservative ranks, especially on the issues of same-sex marriage and abortion. Stronach, the millionaire businesswoman who ran for the leadership of the Conservative Party in early 2004, will sit in Paul Martin's cabinet as minister of human resources and skills development (HRSD).

Stronach will join former Tory Scott Brison in helping the Liberals implement the recommendations in the Gomery report when it is delivered later this year.

Last week, Stronach (raised the ire of Conservatives by publicly questioning her party) said it would be unfortunate if the Liberal government fell before the 2005 budget was passed because it contained measures on municipal funding that were of great importance to her constituents in the Toronto-area riding of Newmarket-Aurora.

Add another name to the Liberal leadership contest.

Life will go on and we'll get over it. What about poor Petey Mckay. What a dilema for the Saucer faced deputy leader. Billionaire blonde heiress girlfreind or principles?
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