Tuesday, May 03, 2005


2 wrongs = No class

Immigration Minister Joe Volpe is on the hotseat for comparing the Conservative Party of Canada to the Ku Klux Klan. The Opposition party is made up of racists, Volpe said Tuesday, calling members recognizable "notwithstanding that they don't have their cowl and their cape."

Volpe made his comments in response to a poster prank in which two Conservative MPs refer to the Liberals as the The Liberanos, a mocking reference to HBO's hit Mafia show - The Supranos. "I think these are a couple of fine, upstanding members of the new Conservative Klan," Volpe said, referring to a picture of Tory MPs Lee Richardson and Werner Schmidt holding a copy of the poster.

Joe Volpe looks like a fool when he stoops to the Liberano level. This is not behaviour becoming of a Minister of the Crown.

How can you compare a funny play on Sopranos by an independent (and very good I might add) magazine and a minister of the crown accusing the Conservatives of being Klan members. The last time I checked the Conservative weren't burning crosses (and I live in Alberta so I suppose I should know) and Liberal bagmen who were taking envelopes of cash (very Soprano).

Not exactly living up to your tag line "fair and balanced"


You totally missed my point. Both parties are wrong. I am not impressed with either Joe Volpe or the tory MPs. So I would say that is pretty fair and mainly balanced.
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