Tuesday, April 12, 2005


Working the polls

The Liberals are polling in the neigbourhood of former Prime Minister John Turner. Ouch, has it really got that bad? John Turner, he of the KO from Brian Mulroney in the 1984 debate. Remember that? Will you Mr.Turner repeal the patronage appointments made by Former Prime Minister Trudeau? Well. Hmm. Gosh. Do you like my oversized cowboy hat?

This is an interesting development because it appears as if the Conservatives can't break over the 33% range (nationally). One would think this would have been a slam dunk since testimony from Jean Brault only comes along every, say 30 years. It appears that Canadians just haven't warmed up to Stephen "Cuddles" Harper. Maybe he should take a page from Stockwell Day.

Oh wait, that didn't go so well for him. Nervermind.

There has been little analysis done of the 2004 election (If I am wrong on this, please let me know). My hunch is that many voters in BC, ON, NS and the prairies had the New Democrats as their second choice, if they had one. As a result, you are seeing voters park their anger Jack "Slick Willy" Layton's group.

Oh wait, that isn't him. That guy is peddling stuff that I don't need.

Life in this country is never dull.

"That guy is peddling stuff that I don't need. "

Are you sure that's not Jack Layton?
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