Sunday, April 24, 2005


When it rains, it pours.

You think you had a tough week, try being Paul Martin. Mr. Dither's week from hell just got worse. This guy really can't catch a break. His government's long-term prognosis is not good. Now, U2 front man and international globetrotter, Bono is feeling the sting of betrayal and is calling on Canadians to storm the PM's office with protest phone calls.

In an interview with the CBC Radio's The House, Bono blasts Martin for reneging on a promise to reach a foreign aid goal of 0.7% of GDP. "We were looking for Canada to lead rather than be a laggard," Bono said, adding he's "bewildered" and "disappointed" by the PM's just-released international policy statement (a pretty good document, but long overdue).

Bono goes onto criticize the PM for failing to deliver adequate aid cash while Canada enjoys a surplus economy. Accusing Martin of trying to "hold up history," the rocker broadcasts the PMO switchboard number (613-992-4211) and asks Canadians to call in to register their complaint. Hopefully this doesn't mean the U2 show in Ottawa is in jeopardy.

How the mighty have fallen. As Paul Wells states on his blog, whatever happened to Martin's "Canada will change the world attitude?" It has been replaced by survival - pure and simple.

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