Wednesday, April 20, 2005


Urban Dictionary is not your father's Webster's (NSFW)

Read and click at your own peril.

The advent of the urban dictionary has institutionalized many of society's dirty little phrases (and actions). In fact, this is a document that now includes, among others, the Dirty Sanchez, the Stranger and Santorum (brilliantly named after Senator Rick Santorum).If you went to college or university in the 1990s, you will be familiar many of these frat terms.

If you haven't check it out, it is worth a gander.

Yeah figures that the one time l ever see something that says "MOLDY PEACHES" it wouldn't be about the best indie band ever...bleh...nothing came out is the best song...bleh...
the only reason i clicked it was because i thought it was the band too.
Hey is just trying to spread the word for some cool stuff you guys a ragging on him because its not about some faggot band so fuck you guys.
Man I thought it was going to be about how in some country there's an epidemic caused by moldy peaches....
Listen hommies, if the peaches are moldy than you can't cap them in the can. suckah
i thought it was the amazing band moldy peaches too! talk about false advertising...
moldy peaches sucks, this website sucks, u all suck for being on this site, and, evidently, i suck too
yeah, yeah,
why were we linked to this blog from 2005 on the urban dictionary home page. makes no sense to me
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