Monday, April 18, 2005


Unbelievable lucky

A gigantic OOPS goes out to the Sunday Mirror. The UK paper had to pull some of its editions after wrongly identifying a man as the so-called "Lotto rapist". Iorworth Hoare, 52 and originally from Leeds, won £7m on Lotto Extra in 2004 and was released from jail in March. The article claimed to show Hoare "on the loose" on a UK seafront, but used pictures of the wrong man.

This story is scary and funny, but what is more amazing is the background detail. Hoare won £7m on the National Lottery while in prison and survived. Amazingly, he bought the ticket while serving a life sentence for attempted rape. He was on release from Leyhill open prison in Gloucestershire when he bought his winning ticket in August 2004. From there it only gets better.

Hoare, who has a history of previous sex crimes, including rape, was one of three winners to share Saturday's £21m Lotto Extra jackpot. He actually had to share with two other winners. Imagine telling that story to your relatives. I won a boatload of money with an accountant, mill-worker and a rapist out on a day pass.

Under British Home Office guidelines, prisoners on temporary release from jail are allowed to play the lottery and can claim a winning prize. They actually have rules for this stuff, I love the British! But the government department also said the prisoner's access to the money would be restricted while he was in custody.

On a serious note, I assume that the channels are wide open for a civil suit from his victims. He does have deep pockets.

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