Wednesday, April 20, 2005


To the polls we go.....on June 27

According to a Globe and Mail report this morning, this country is headed for an election on June 27. If this is the case it will be one nasty campaign. Plus, it will mean that the visit of Queen Elizabeth II to Alberta and Saskatchewan is once again up in the air (this could be an annoyance that the Conservatives don’t need in the prairies).

It is for the best that this session of parliament end since the government is playing silly bugger with Opposition days, drifting aimlessly and Ottawa is paralyzed with election fever.

The country is torn on who is best to lead us. Leadership will be a big issue in the coming campaign and if my name is Don't Know (polling at 22%), I am quite happy.

Although campaigning could be a bitch.

Another sign an election is imminent... there have been Elsie Wayne sightings. The tweed is back baby!

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