Saturday, April 23, 2005


The right to govern is not an entitlement and...

Federal liberals are learning the hard way. For the better part of the 20th century and early in the 21st, the federal political scene has been dominated by the Liberal Party of Canada. Now, however, the winds of change are blowing. Canadians, as they do from time to time, are poised to send the Liberals packing, it is unclear if it will be Mulroney / Campbell packing, but all bets are off.

The genie does appear out of the election bottle and Martin will not be able to chase it down. As poll after poll rolls out showing the Conservatives slowly amassing a solid, but not insurmountable lead, the Liberal brand continues to wither on the vine. In fact, the Conservatives are polling near majority territory.

This wouldn't be the worse thing in the world for the Liberals or the NDP. The party leading in the polls, and thus perceived front-runner will come under intense public scrutiny. This will be good for the country to see exactly what a Harper lead government would deliver. My conservative friends can claim that he will provide good and clean government. So what! That slogan may get play for the first few days of the campaign, but then real policy will be examined.

As I have mentioned before, I eagerly await the Conservative platform. It should contain their strengths - less government, lower taxes and a stronger, more focused military. Sadly, they will be promising more power to Auditor General (more government - just what we need in Ottawa an army of bean counters), more agricultural subsidies (no government handouts here - free market all the way) and will attempt to preserve the traditional definition of marriage.

As bad as this current collection of Liberals is, I am not convinced that a Harper government is going to provide a better government. The party still has some kinks to iron out. If this was a year from now, maybe. Or should I take solace in the fact that Stockwell "An Inch Deep and a Mile Wide" Day will be our foreign mouthpiece?

Prove me wrong Stephen, prove me wrong.

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