Monday, April 25, 2005


Quebec Rumour de jour

Quebec politics are never dull. The Charest government is about as popular as skunk at a garden party. Has a leader ever dropped so far, so fast in the eyes of so many? Mulroney plummeted in the polls, but he worked at it. It is unclear what the tipping point was with the Charest government - Jewish school decision, miscalculating the student strike or the deplorable state of the roads. One thing is clear, they will need a miracle to turn their ship around.

They do, however, enjoy the benefit of an extremely divided Official Opposition. The 2nd least popular provincial politician is Bernie Laundry - been there, done that and bought the shitty t-shirt. The rank and file wants this guy out faster than George Michael at public bathroom. The Parti Quebecois (PQ) senior brain trust are like vultures circling around a carcass. All of this leaves the Action démocratique du Québec (ADQ) acres of space in the political landscape.

The ADQ are, for all intents and purposes, still finding their identity. Nobody is quite sure if they are federalist or nationalist party? Conservative? Neo-liberal? Libertarian? What is known is that Mario Dumont is young, telegenic and full of energy. Do the ADQ really stand a chance in the 2007 election?

Prior to the 2003 campaign they were looking like the belle of the ball. Then, thud, 12:00 stuck and third place set in. Now, that all could change. A little birdie told me that the ADQ are prepared to bring back an old Quebec favourite to lead them - Lucien Bouchard. Have you picked yourself off the ground? I know this guy goes through parties like Angelina Jolie burns through the fellas.

Lucien Bouchard is more popular than Pepsi and a Joe Louis in Quebec. He would sweep the province in 2007 and give Quebecers what they really want - a federalist leader with a nationalist vision. Or is it a nationalist leader with a federalist vision?

Stay tuned!

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