Sunday, April 24, 2005


The one o'clock challenge

Rick Mercer, where are thee? United States lawmakers are moving to extend the feel of summer in their latest energy-saving initiative. The measure would place the US on daylight saving time for an extra two months a year.

U.S. Senators are expected to agree to the daylight saving time extension after House lawmakers agreed to the measure late last week. The proposal is contained in a wider energy bill - god, let's hope. The problem is that the extension of daylight savings time has bi-partisan support and the other measures do not. In fact, the legislators are divided over issues such as drilling in an Alaska wildlife refuge and raising car fuel economy.

Rep (D) Massachusetts Ed Markey tried to sum it with this gem. "We all just feel sunnier after we set our clocks ahead." It is good that public policy issues are being set after lyrics from a Flintstone hit song.

Canadians take note. If these changes go through, we will have no choice but to follow suit. Time is one area where we can't afford to be out of sync with our southern neighbors. There would be too much confusion on too many economic issues ranging from airline schedules to stock exchange hours.

I can literally hear a collective groan from the province of Saskatchewan.

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