Tuesday, April 12, 2005


No Canada

André Pratte raises an interesting question in today's edition of the Globe and Mail. Who will fight for Canada in the next Quebec referendum? It sounds like a tongue and check question, however, it is far from it. This is a legitimate concern and one voters’ will have to weigh in the next election.

Consider this scenario for a minute. There is an election in the spring or the fall of 2005 and the Bloc Québécois sweep the province of Quebec. It is likely that they will win a minimum of 60 seats. The remaining 15 or so seats go to the Liberals and the Conservatives get nothing. The Conservatives, however, still form a minority government.

Next, Gilles Duceppe, fresh off his electoral victory, decides to make the leap to provincial politics and replace Bernie "Dirty" Laundry as Parti Québécois leader. Fast forward to 2007 and the Quebec provincial election finally puts the Charest Liberals out of their misery.

It is now 2008 and there is another provincial referendum on the horizon. Who does the stumping for the No side? Jean Charest? Highly unlikely since he will be licking his wounds. Paul Martin? See previous comment. Jean Chrétien? Do you want a golf ball? Jean Lapierre? Nope. Oh, the new Prime Minister Stephen Harper. He is about as charismatic as shower mold.

The scene looks pretty bleak for a 10 province country at this rate. Short of another huge rally by English Canada showering Quebecers with love, we could be in deep, deep trouble. As Pratte put it, the desperation will lead the federal government to litter the province with Canada billboards. Brilliant, then we all discover this just to be a bad episode of the Twilight Zone.

What, do you think Belinda and her puppy Pete would let Canada down?

By the way, I would be really be interested to know what exactly you consider "English Canada"?
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