Saturday, April 23, 2005


Men (women) overboard

It is beginning to smell an awful lot like 1992. Prominent Liberals are starting to send signals that they may not run in the upcoming election rather than face an increasingly angry electorate. Feisty John Efford, he of the seal skin of coat, is the latest to say he may take a pass on the election. Efford, citing health reasons, may be prepared to give up the limo or Canadians may be prepared to give him the ole heave ho.

The flip-side of this equation is that so-called *Star* candidates are lining up to run for the Conservatives. Rumours are flying that Donovan Bailey, former broadcaster Peter Kent and former Harris crony Jim Flaherty (he of the uberconservative ilk) are lining up to run in Ontario. The happiest person in this transaction is John Tory (future Ontario Premier?) as he gets to continually rid himself of the nasty Harris assholes.

There is also word that former NHLer Russ Courtnall is being pursued - the papers are calling him a former hockey star, however that is really stretching it. It is akin to saying that Mike Bullard is a television star. Come to think of it, I wonder if the NDP have approached him about being their star candidate?

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