Sunday, April 24, 2005


Luigi was busy

Super Mario" Dumont has once again reiterated that he will stay in Quebec provincial politics - which is too bad because he would have given the Conservatives a chance to win a seat in Quebec.

Now comes word that the Action democratique du Quebec (ADQ) Leader Dumont has ruled out a formal coalition with the federal Conservatives in any coming election. This was on the table? Stephen Harper would be wise to reach out to other federalists in Quebec and not just pigeonhole himself with a third-party - a party who is often on the wrong side of social or fiscal issues in the province.

Dumont contends that the ADQ wants to retain its independence and ability to criticize or work with all parties. Does it really matter? Who cares what Dumont has to say on federal issues? Does Howard Hampton have sway in Ontario? Does David Karwacki have sway in Saskatchewan? Leaders of third parties are almost irrelevant in their own province so why should anyone care what they think about federal politics.

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