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Canadian and American jurisdictions are choosing different tactics in dealing with youth sexual activity. In most of Canada, the strategy is to try to get out ahead of the behaviour by increasing education about the risks of sexual activity - disease and pregnancy, distributing free condoms and making birth control easier to obtain. In most of the United States, the measures are targeted at eliminating condoms in schools, increase abstinence education and make it more difficult (even illegal) to obtain an abortion. Who is enjoying a better success?

Here are some quick statistics for select countries. Interestingly countries where there is sex education enjoy lower teen pregnancy rates and abortion rates.

Country abortion rates – (Rate per 1,000)

United States - 21.3

Australia - 22.2

Sweden - 18.7

Canada - 16.4

England & Wales - 15.6

Germany - 7.6

Holland - 6.5

Teen pregnancy rates - Pregnancy and Childbearing

Teenage birth rate per 1,000 births
Sweden — 7
France — 9
Canada — 20
Great Britain — 31
United States — 49

Percentage of women aged 20-24 who had a child before age 20
Sweden — 4%
France — 6%
Canada — 11%
Great Britain — 11%
United States — 22%

Sexual Activity

Percentage of women who began having “sex” before age 15

Sweden — 12%
France — 7%
Canada — 9%
Great Britain — 4%
United States — 14%

Contraceptive Use

Percentage of adolescent women who did not use any method of birth control
at first intercourse*
Sweden — 22%
France — 11%
Great Britain — 21%
United States — 25%

(*statistics for Canada not available)

Percentage of adolescent women who did not use any method of birth control
at most recent intercourse*
Sweden — 7%
France — 12%
Great Britain — 4%
United States — 20%

I think it is fair to say that Canadian policies are working better than our American counterparts. Apparently denial is not a strong policy tool.

One example of how Canadian governments are dealing with sexual active teens emerged in Quebec this week. Teenage girls in the province can now get a prescription for birth-control pills directly from a school nurse or at a community health clinic, without having to see a doctor or seek parental permission.

In contrast, United States legislators have passed a bill making it illegal for young women to cross state lines to have an abortion. In fact, abortion rights are slowly under attack in Godland. The re-election of George Bush and the strengthening of the Republican hold on government has lead to payback for Christians around the country.

The news is not all good for Canada. There are differences in the country amongst provinces for many of measures listed above. In fact, western provinces (traditionally more socially conservative) have higher teen pregnancy rates.

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