Saturday, April 16, 2005


Asian Wars

It isn't the bloods versus the crips, but it is heating up. The ethinic tension between Japan and China is hitting new heights. This latest debate started up about 3 weeks ago and stems from atrocities Japan committed against China during the Second World War, and also because of new Japanese textbooks that appear to gloss over those atrocities.

It is refreshing to see protests in the streets of China that are not leading to innocent deaths. Japan's foreign ministry, however, isn't so amused. The Ministry has criticized Beijing for not curbing the "destructive and violent actions" of anti-Japanese demonstrators who gathered in Chinese cities for a third consecutive weekend.

The Ministry issued this assinine statement - Even though information was available beforehand to infer that there would be a demonstration, nothing was done to prevent it. The 2,000 people hurling insults and eggs apparently hurt his feelings. Now China isn't a democracy, but they are flirttering with capitalism and change is sure to follow.

When countries make mistakes they should admit and address it rather than pussyfoot around - memo to Canada deal the Aboriginal residental file.

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