Thursday, February 09, 2006


Do you care about children?

The New Democrats are planning to introduce legislation creating a National Childcare Act. The Act would be similar to the Canada Health Act - details to follow.

This promises to make the next session even more interesting. I will give full marks to the NDP on this one. They are not letting grass grow under their feet.

As I have stated repeatedly, the Conservative plan is inherently flawed and should not pass in the current format. The $25 a week cheques (taxable income) may go out to parents as of July 1, but the cancelling of the provincial agreements will be much more difficult.

Help employers and communities create child care spaces in the workplace or through cooperative or community associations by allocating $250 million a year in tax credits to employers who cover the full cost of creating spaces. We will provide similar support to non-profit associations to create spaces. We estimate that this program will create 125,000 new child care spaces over five years and make it easier for working people to juggle child care and work responsibilities. The program will be designed to ensure that small business and rural communities will be able to access it as well as larger employers and cities.

Conservative Platform 2006

This logic assumes that a single space could be created for $1,000 worth of tax credits. Is this actually possible? Again, let's call the Conservative plan for what it is - the return of Family Allowance.

Harper has already been quick to offer Quebec special conditions and the other provinces are, and rightfully so, lining up behind.

~Daycare Quote of the Month ~
Would you lend a complete stranger your automobile? Probably not. Your car is a prized possession that would be expensive to repair or replace if it were damaged or wrecked. If you would not let a stranger borrow your car for just a few hours, then why would you let a stranger take care of your baby (in a day care) all day everyday?

Your child is far more precious than a car! Your child is irreplaceable!

Leave it to the NDP to come up with another plan to spend the country's wealth, while not suggesting anything to create new wealth. I also object to having two levels of government responsible for a type of programming. Our public schools are probably the best run public institution in this country, and guess what, they are entirely run by the province.

I agree that the Conservative's aren't offering a real plan either, and that early childhood development is important to the country's future. But lets concentrate our child care efforts on the provinces and keep the federal government out of it. We need to stop this practice of complaining to one level of government when we don't think the appropriate level of government is doing enough.

The federal government can either transfer tax room to the provinces if they are flush with cash, or concentrate their efforts on important areas where they do have jurisdiction such as research, indian affairs, national defence or foriegn aid.
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