Thursday, May 19, 2005


Testing, testing. 1-2-3

Brocket 99 or some dull conversation between two lads, your call.

The sun is setting on May 19th, thankfully. It appeared late last night that the Liberals had hit a new low with word that they had tried to bribe, buy and beg Conservative MP Grewal for his support. During one of the more sleep deprived days of late a story was broken and Moldy was there to give the goods, including reserving judgment on the case until all facts were on the table.

Now that the truth has emerged and I am glad, unlike the hundred of blogging Tories, to not have passed judgment on the story. Fair and Balanced, it truly is the way.

Sudesh Kalia, the man who acted as a go-between for Conservative MP Gurmant Grewal and federal Liberals during recent talks about crossing the floor, confirms Health Minister Ujjal Dosanjh's claim that Grewal initiated the negotiations. Kalia, who says he is a friend of both Grewal and Dosanjh, told CBC reporter Eric Sorensen that Grewal definitely made the first approach.

The more damning statement is that Grewal had been talking about crossing the floor to the Liberals for "a couple of years." Apparently he has ambitions. Funny nobody refers to him as a whore. Hypocrites.

Grewal disputed Kalia's account, telling Sorensen he has a tape recording of a conversation with Kalia that backs him up. Does this guy travel with a dictaphone? I wonder if anyone will ever have another private conversation with this guy. Word to the wise, when engaging in future conversations with Grewal do it in loud, public spaces with heavy machinery.

What no mention of Murphy's offer to "talk to Volpe", to refresh everyones memory, Volpe unleashed his liberal dogs, the RCMP, on Grewal and his wife. Of course Murphy doesn't come out and say it directly, he's a slimy corrupt Liberal who knows how to play the game.

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