Sunday, May 01, 2005


Obnoxious in Ottawa

Conservative MP John Reynolds cranked up the political name-calling a notch on the weekend, declaring his Liberal opponents are whores.

Reynolds took his insight to a new low when he followed it with this gem: "I don't like to call them that because there are probably some whores who are nice people." What is reassuring for Canadians is that Reynolds will head up his party's national election campaign. Also, it is worth mentioning that Reynolds is 15-year MP not a rookie.

Wow, the Conservatives are working hard to loose the extreme and angry image. Maybe as punishment Paul Martin should tap Mr.Reynolds to fill a Senate vacancy.

What a giant git. The Conservatives, especially the conservative bloggers, can't refrain from using the "whore" tagline over and over to describe the Layton-Martin coalition-style agreement, but will completely dismiss any criticism of the suddenly opportunistic Harper-Duceppe partnership.

I am not trying to be smug, but can anyone explain why, except for strictly dogmatic reasons, there is a difference between the two alliances? I am not implying that one is right and one is wrong. To me, they are both simple examples of politicking.

The Conservatives want the Liberals out and they are willing to partner with the Bloc to do so. But, simply because they want them out, it doesn't mean that the Liberals will step down. They don't want the Conservatives in power any more than the Conservatives want them there.

All is fair...that's how I see it. Stop the childish nonsense already.
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