Thursday, May 12, 2005


Harpo's Skid Marx

Parliament is effectively closed for the season, however, our politicians are managing to further drag themselves into the mud. The Gomery Commission is unearthing Liberal corruption and sleaze daily. The Bloc is set to take the first perceived step towards an independent Quebec. The Conservatives are on the verge of power, but are starting to get a tad overheated.

Stephen Harper has just taken Canadian politics to a new low. Harper is accusing the Liberals of setting their budget vote on Thursday May 19 to take advantage of ailing MPs health -memo to Harper - John Efford is gravely ill and he is a Liberal. This is the most disturbing accusation levelled in this session. To suggest that the government wants to see members take turns for the worst is DISGUSTING.

It is clear that there is no love lose between any of the party leaders, but Stephen come on. The province of BC is voting on the 17th and the Queen is touching down at the beginning of that week. These maybe two small details to you, but not to others.

Will waiting a week kill you? Line up your ducks and defeat the government and then we can go to polls. If not, shut up and get to work.

I agree with your assessment. I find it hard to believe that Liberal strategists would voice, in a meeting or otherwise, that delaying a non-confidence vote might be in the government's favour because of the ailing health situation of others.

You're right when you say that the reasons outlined by the Prime Minister are substantial enough to justify holding the confidence motion late next week. Harper did cross a line here with his ill-advised accusations.

I would suggest that it reflects poorly on the Conservatives and the Bloc for adjourning Parliament at noon today and for boycotting all committee meetings except for the Committee dealing with Same-Sex Legislation (are they telling Canadians that the only pressing issue before the Committees of Parliament is stopping same sex marriage? That's a poor message)!
Wow, it's shocking how naive some people are, of course the Liberals discussed when the two Conservative would be out of the house, this is a dirty, dirty corrupt party grasping to power(they've officially left Mulroney in the dust), they will do anything to keep it. Good job to Harper for calling the Liberals on it.
The Libs could have easily had a confindence vote on Thursday, Friday, or Monday. They choose Thurday because it was suspected that there would be two missing Conservatives.

As an update to Shaky's original post, it has being reported that Liberals were trolling for information on Stinson's treatment.

I wonder if the eastern media will take back all their shrill comments about Harper, I'm not holding my breath.

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