Thursday, April 14, 2005


Freak show dinner party

It is hard not follow the California circus that is the Michael Jackson trial. Today's testimony saw the mother of the boy who has accused Jackson of child molestation indicate that she was sad and confused when she appeared in a video to praise the pop star as a father figure.

Prosecutors contend the woman and her family made the video under duress and that Jackson associates wanted them to do it to rebut a TV documentary. In the TV show, Jackson was seen with the boy and said he allowed children to sleep in his bed, but that it was innocent. Also, the woman said she was instructed to say repeatedly "that he's a wonderful father ... to my children."

According to Webster's dictionary the definition of confused is - "Being unable to think with clarity or act with understanding and intelligence." Let there be no confusion on the subject. Does this man look like a father figure?


This case is proving two things. One, Michael Jackson is a missing person and someone is moonlighting in his body.

Two, some people should not have children.

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